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About Us

Vic’s Lashes was started to provide an affordable, removable alternative to lash-by-lash eyelash extensions. Our premium quality eyelash strips are there for you when you need them, and gone when you don’t!

Vic Huertas


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Fall/Winter 2019 Lash Styles

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Fall/Winter ’19 Lashes

What we do

Luxury, but affordable lash strips for every occasion

It’s important to be able to afford the lifestyle you’re after. Eyelash extensions that are added lash-by-lash can look nice for a while, but require constant maintenance and can become an extra bill that you weren’t planning on having. Lash strips by Vic allow you to choose when and where you need lashes and when you don’t. Skip them when you don’t need them and use them just when you do.



How It Works


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Choose the perfect look, style, and feel for the lashes you want to flaunt. 


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Recieve & Apply

Receive your lashes packaged along with instructions on how you can get them on!

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